Published: 2018-03-21

Echocardiographic evaluation of diastolic dysfunction in diabetes mellitus without covert cardiac involvement

Nalin Kumar Mahesh, Anil Kumar, Niket Verma, Keshavamurthy Ganapathy Bhat, Dharmender Kumar


Background: Diabetic patients develop systolic and diastolic dysfunction without even associated coronary artery disease. But diastolic dysfunction is more prevalent in diabetic patients than systolic dysfunction and usually occurs before onset of symptoms. Recognition of early diastolic dysfunction is likely to make management better and avoids progression of cardiac dysfunction. This study was conducted in patients of Diabetes mellitus without other comorbidities.

Methods: The present study which is cross sectional and was carried out among outpatients and inpatients of tertiary care hospital of Armed forces and involved army personnel and their dependents and sample size was 100 patients.

Results: The prevalence of diastolic dysfunction among our study participants was found to be 36%. Diastolic dysfunction was found to be significantly higher among elderly individuals (60%) when compared to young study participants. (p<0.0001). Prevalence of diastolic dysfunction was found to be non-significantly higher among males and with longer duration of diabetes as compared to lesser duration and female gender.

Conclusions: Diastolic dysfunction, evaluated by echocardiography, was found to be fairly prevalent (36%; 95% CI = 27-45%) among individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Poor Glycaemic control and increasing age were found to be significantly associated with presence of diastolic dysfunction among individuals with diabetes mellitus. 


Diabetes mellitus, Diastolic dysfunction

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