Published: 2018-05-22

A prospective study of pattern of hepatic dysfunction in dengue fever patient in coastal Andhra Pradesh, India

Anand Acharya, P. V. V. Satyanarayana, Vijjapu Subrahmanyam


Background: DENV (dengue viral infection) is a non-hepatotropic RNA virus, but hepatic involvement is common. High level of viremia is associated with involvement liver and other organs. Present study is a prospective study which is aimed to know about the, pattern of hepatic involvement in dengue patients admitted in General Medicine Dept Konaseema Institute of Medical Science.

Methods: This is a prospective hospital-based study conducted in the Department of General Medicine Konaseema Institute of Medical Science Amalapuram Andhra Pradesh, from December 2015 to December 2017. During two year of study period 126 clinically and serologically positive patients of Dengue fever, Dengue haemorrhagic fever and Dengue shock syndrome, classified as per the, definition of national vector borne disease control programme Govt. of India.

Results: Mean value of total bilirubin was 0.8 mg/dl in DF patients, 0.96mg/dl in DHF patients and 1.08mg/dl in DSS patients. Mean value of AST was 77.44(IU/L) in DF group, 112.32 IU/L in DHF group and 486.28 in DSS group. In DF group mean ALT in DHF group was 94.36 (IU/L) and it was 386.42 IU/L in DSS group. Mean value of serum albumin was 3.97 gm/dl in DF group, 3.65 gm/dl in DHF group and 3.49 gm/dl in DSS group. Serum globulin mean value was 2.98mg/dl in DF group, 2.86 gm/dl in DHF group and 2.69 gm/dl in DSS group. Serum alkaline phosphate level was also increased in all the groups, mean value of ALP was 118.46 IU/L in DF group, 164.32 IU/L in DF group, 164.32 IU/L in DHF patients and 342.42 IU/L in DSS group.

Conclusions: The pattern of hepatic involvement of liver in dengue fever varies as per the severity of disease. In milder case of dengue fever liver function test was normal but there was hepatomegaly was present commonly but in severe form of disease pattern of hepatic involvement varies from tender hepatomegaly to significant increase in liver enzyme.


Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Dengue fever, Hepatic dysfunction

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