Use of mean platelet volume and platelet distribution width in predicting trend in platelet count and bleeding risks in patients of dengue fever


  • Prakash G. M. Department of Medicine, MIMS, Mandya, Karnataka, India
  • Anikethana G. V. Department of Medicine, MIMS, Mandya, Karnataka, India



Dengue fever, Platelet count, MPV, PDW


Background: Dengue fever is a global re-emerging disease. Various parameters have been used to predict the complications of the Dengue fever. MPV and PDW is used to predict the trend in the platelet count and risk of bleeding manifestations.

Methods: It is a prospective observational study at MIMS, Mandya. The patient’s data, platelet count, MPV, PDW and clinical characteristics were selected using standard proforma.

Results: Out of 15 patients with Dengue fever, only 2 patients had petechial rashes, There were no cases of DSS or DHF. There was no correlation between the platelet count, MPV, PDW, serology, gender and severity of the cases. There was no significant correlation between the Platelet count, MPV and PDW.

Conclusions: There was no correlation between the platelet count, MPV and PDW in patients with dengue fever.


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