Published: 2018-05-22

Prospective study of opportunistic infections among HIV infected patients in VSS Institute of Medical Science and Research, Burla, Sambalpur, Odisha, India

P. K. Bariha, M. K. Mohapatra, B. K. Kullu, P. C. Karua, S. B. Biswal, A. Thakur


Background: HIV destroys the CD4+T cells progressively thus making the HIV infected persons susceptible to a number of opportunistic infections (OIs).

Methods: The study was conducted in the Medicine Department and ART Centre, VIMSAR. It is a prospective study from July 2016 to September 2017.

Results: 86 patients register, detail history, clinical examination and investigation were done and then the data is complying in detail. Most of the patients were male (72%) male female ratio is 2.6:1. The majority of patients presented with fever, weight loss and anorexia seen in more than 73% of the study population.

Conclusions: (42%) cases belonged to the CD4+T cell count range of 101-200/µl with aCD4+T cell count of 183/µl, so there is increased chance of hospitalization in patients having CD4+T cell count below 200/µl. The most common OI was tuberculosis (51%) with pleural effusion as its commonest manifestation. The second most common OI was candidiasis (43%) with most cases suffering from oral candidiasis was seen to occur at higher CD4+T cell counts than tuberculosis.


Candidiasis, CD4 cell, HIV, Opportunistic infections (OIs), Tuberculosis

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