Published: 2018-09-22

Clinical profile of rheumatic patients with infectious complications

Pandharinath S. Gawali, Umesh P. Gawali


Background: The objective of the present research was to study clinical profile of rheumatic patients having infections including correlation of infection with different parameters and DMARDS and to study incidence pattern of various infections.

Methods: All patients of various Rheumatic diseases with infections who fulfil inclusion criteria who were enrolled in this study. Duration of study was six months. A total of 300 patients where studied out of which 50 were cases and the rest were control.

Results: Incidence of infection was high in extremes of age. Overall incidence of infection was slightly higher in females. Infection rate was 16.66%. Incidence of infection was highest among vasculitis group. Kidney was the most common organ involved. Incidence of infection was more in patients having anemia and leukopenia. Tuberculosis was the most common infection found in Rheumatic patients.

Conclusions: Infection was more common at extremes of age and more common in females. SLE was most common disease encountered while kidney was most common organ to get involve in disease process. Patients with anemia and leukopenia had statistically significant incidence of infections. Tuberculosis is most common infection encountered in Indian rheumatic patients.


Clinical profile, CYC cyclophosphamide, DMARD’s Disease modifying antirheumating drugs, Infectious complications, Rheumatic patients

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