Published: 2019-03-25

Evaluation of carotid intima media thickness and associated risk factors in patients with chronic kidney disease: a cross sectional study

Mote Srikanth, Jeyapalan Kuppusamy, Hemachandar Radhakrishnan, Arun Prasath Palamalai


Background: Chronic kidney disease is distinguished by progressive loss of kidney function over a period of years in the end leading to irreversible kidney failure. CKD is a significant prognosticator of cardiovascular disease. Atherosclerosis is common in patients with risk factors associated with chronic kidney disease.

Methods: It was a cross sectional study on CKD patients in a tertiary care hospital. About 90 CKD stage 3-5 patients aged above 18 years were enrolled in the study. Serum lipid profile, RFT, serum calcium, phosphorous, and BP were estimated among all the patient. Patient risk factors were noted and CIMT levels were compared accordingly.

Results: Out of 90 patients, males were predominant. There was a significant positive correlation between stage 5 and CIMT (P value <0.001). Mean CIMT was higher in patients with type 2 Diabetes. Patients with higher phosphorous the mean CIMT was significantly higher.

Conclusions: The CIMT is early marker for atherosclerosis. Author observed it was significantly higher in patients with stage 3 and 5 CKD. CIMT is a non- invasive marker which should be done in all patients with CKD which is cost effective.


Blood pressure, Chronic kidney disease, Carotid intima media thickness, Renal function tests

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