Published: 2019-07-24

Successful anesthetic management of a 17-year-old patient with facial arterio-venous undergoing sclerotherapy: a case report

Nayana Kulkarni, Ajit Patil, Ravindra Tandale, Shital Patil, Rajnish Nagarkar


Arterio-venous malformations (AVM) are abnormal collection of blood vessels. They are rare congential vascular malformations that account for 1.5% of all vascular abnormalities while 50% of such cases occur in the oral and maxillofacial region. Facial AVM are uncommon. Patients presenting with AVMs require a complete investigation using precise clinical examination and advanced imaging modalities. The treatment of a patient with AVM includes a multi-step process. In this case, we report a case of extensive AVM in the face of a 17-year-olf female patient. The report primarily focuses on the successful anesthetic management for sclerotherapy along with insights on clinical characteristics and imaging manifestations. To the best of our knowledge, this is one of the few cases to be reported in India.


Anesthetic management, Arteriovenous malformation, Difficult airway

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