Published: 2019-07-24

Comparative study of lipid profile and C-reactive protein in hypertensive and normotensive patients of Andhra Pradesh population

Yasar Arafath Shaikh


Background: Parameters of lipid profile, C-reactive protein was studied in hypertensive and Normotensive adults aged between 25 to 60 years and compared to predict the cardio-vascular disease.

Methods: BP was recorded in both groups and compared. CRP lipid profile was studied in both groups and compared.

Results: Systolic BP, diastolic BP in HTN and Normotensive were compared statically and p value was highly significant (p <0.01). C-reactive protein of both HTN and Normotensive was compared and statically highly significant (p <0.01). The lipid profile parameters total cholesterol, triglyceride VLDL, HDL, LDL were also compared in both HTN and Normotensive and all values were statistically highly significant (p <0.01).

Conclusion: This study highlighted the diagnostic and prognostic values of HTN and cardiovascular diseases, which have high rates of morbidity and mortality.


C-reactive protein, Diastolic blood pressure, Hypertension, Systolic blood pressure

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