Study of patients with suicidal ideation with sleep disorders and depression in Karnataka population


  • Jayant Kumar Department of Psychiatry, Kanchur Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Rekha R. Department of Community Medical, K.S/ Hegde Medical Academy, Derlaktte, Mangalore, Karnataka, India



Depression, Ideation, Sleep disorder, Suicidal attempts


Background: 85, adult patients aged between 17 to 65 years of both sexes were studied with   to know the etiology of suicidal ideation.

Methods: Applying methodical instruments like sleep habits questionnaires and Black scale for suicidal ideation to rule out etiology and types of suicidal ideation.

Results: Total 13(15.2%) had active suicidal ideation, 23(27%) specific plans for suicide 20(23.5%) had passive suicidal ideation, 29(34%) patients had previous history of suicidal attempts. Majority of the patients were under treatment of hypnotics and antidepressants’, 11(12.9%) were on clonozepine 12(14.1%) were on lorazepam 9(10.5%) were on chlordiazepoxide, Antidepressants, 8(9.41%) were on sertalin, 14(16.4%) desvenlafaxine, 15(17.6%) Amitriptyline, 16(18.8%) were on duloxetine.

Conclusions: This pragmatic study highlights the suicidal ideation with sleep disorders and depression, will be quite helpful to psychiatrist, psycho-social worker to treat the patients efficiently


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