Study of suicides in Mangalore region of South Karnataka, India


  • Jayantha Kumar Department of Psychiatry, Kanchur Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Rekha R. Department of Community Medical, K.S. Hegde Medical Academy Derlaktte, Mangalore, Karnataka, India



Drug dependence, Major depression, Multiple personality disorder, Schizophrenic


Background: To evaluate the various causes of suicides and mental illness of different age groups which enables the patients to commit suicide in both sexes.

Methods: The data of suicides was collected from medical records of the different Hospital in Mangalore region  of South Karnataka.

Results: Total 32 cases of suicides in adults were studied at Mangalore city and district as a whole. The history of suicide was 6(18.7%) was alcoholic, 4(12.5%) were drug addicted (dependent), 5(15.6%) were HIV infected, 3(9.37%) had infertility 4(12.5%) had loss of job, 2(6.25%) had sudden loss of property, 8(25%) had failure in love affair. The clinical manifestations of suicides were (8.25%) had major depression 5(15.6%) had multiple personality disorder. 11(34.3%) were schizophrenic, 6(18.7%) had mood disorders, 2(6.25%) were epileptic.

Conclusions: This study of suicides of young adults will be quite helpful to psychiatrist and medico-social workers to take preventive measures to prevents such suicides because suicide is not only social problem, but it is due to abnormal mental state too.


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