Published: 2019-11-25

Study of nonalcoholic fatty liver Telangana population

Parth N. Patel, Mohd Ifthekhar Mohiuddin


Background: Among 83 patients of both sexes aged between 25 to 65 adults had NAFLD with metabolic syndrome were studied.

Methods: U.S.G. biochemical study included total cholesterol, AST, ALP, S, Albumin total Bilirubin, FBS, HbA1c and blood pressure was recorded.

Results: Among 16(19.2%) had grade-I (mild steatosis) 38(45.7%) had grade-II (Moderate steatosis), 29(34.9%) had grade-III (severe steatosis), The clinical manifestation were 49(59%) had BMI 22.8 to 23.2, 34(40.9%) had BMI 23.3 to 24.2. D.M status was 33(39.7%) were pre-diabetic, 50(60.2%) were diabetic mellitus. 19(22.8%) were norma- tensive, 64(77.1%) were hypertensive, 63(75.9%) were hyperlipidemic, 23(27.7%) had IHD. 4(4.81%) had MI. Mean value of total cholesterol was 223±9.2, Triglyceride 24.8±13.3, HDL 42.3±2.5, LDL 128±13.8, AST 52.8±3.6, ALT 67.2±6.8, ALP 107±11.8, S. Albumin 3.50±0.12, Total bilirubin 0.93±0.10, FBS 13.±12.2, HB A/c 9.10±402.

Conclusions: The present study of NAFLD was performed by combination of radiological and laboratory techniques, greatly reducing the requirement for invasive biopsy and reduce the morbidity and mortality.


Diabetes mellitus, Metabolic syndrome, Non-alcoholics fatty liver disease, Non-alcoholics steatohepatitis

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