Published: 2019-07-24

Study of clinical and hematological profile of anemia in hospitalized geriatric patients

Thyagaraja K., Stephan Benny, Venkatakrishna Bhat S., Akash G. Nair


Background: Anemia is an important but underdiagnosed cause of morbidity in elderly. The clinical and hematological profile of anemia is different in different geographical area.

Methods: It was a retrospective study. Case files of 50 geriatric patients admitted in Basaveshwara Medical College and Research Institute, Chitradurga with anemia, were selected for the above study. Male patients with Hb <13 g/dl and female patients with Hb <12 g/dl were considered in the study.

Cases were analyzed to find out clinical and hematological profile of anemia.

Results: The commonest clinical presentation was easy fatigability (70%), followed by dyspnea (50%). The commonest cause of anemia was iron deficiency (36%) followed by Vitamin B 12 and folate deficiency (24%), anemia of chronic disease(12%).

Conclusions: Failure to evaluate anemia in elderly lead to delayed diagnosis of potentially treatable conditions. Nonspecific symptoms like fatigue and weakness should not be ignored, presuming that they are part of “normal ageing”. An effort should always be made to reach etiological diagnosis before instituting treatment. Role of NSAIDs as a risk factor in anemia should not be overlooked.


Anemia of chronic disease, Anemia, Geriatric, Iron deficiency

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