Published: 2019-09-23

Effect of sleep duration and quality in the severity of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Indians

Sadanand C. D., Madhuvan H. S., Ravishankar S. N., Thimmareddy S. R.


Background: Rapid urbanization has caused increase in the incidence of Diabetes and Sleep debt. This study is intended to see any correlation between Diabetes and sleep quality.

Methods: Diabetes subjects who had there HbA1c done in the past three months were enrolled and their sleep was studied using Pittsburg sleep quality index (PSQI) which is simple, reliable epidemiological tool with high sensitivity and specificity. Subjects with chronic pain were excluded.

Results: The mean PSQI score of males was more than that of female which was statistically insignificant. Urban diabetes subjects had a higher PSQI score than rural subjects. Pearson correlation (r) was 0.22 for HbA1c and PSQI score which was statistically significant with p=0.04.  Though the subjects with less than 5 hours of sleep had a higher HbA1c compared to those with more than 5 hours of sleep this was statistically insignificant.

Conclusions: This study showed positive correlation between sleep quality and Diabetes.


Diabetes, Pittsburg sleep quality index, Sleep duration, Sleep quality

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