Published: 2017-01-02

Study of cardiovascular manifestations in patients of HIV- its correlation with CD4 count and the ART regimen prescribed

Sarita Bajaj, T. Nisha Mol, Piyush Saxena, Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Sujit Verma


Background: In patients of HIV, there is correlation of CD4 count with severity of cardiac involvement. Some HAART regimens are associated with increased risk for cardiovascular events. This study was undertaken to detect occurrence of symptomatic or asymptomatic cardiac involvement in HIV/AIDS cases. Correlation with CD4+Tcell count and the ART regimen prescribed was also studied. 

Methods: This single point cross sectional case control study of 103 patients with HIV infection on HAART therapy was studied from April 2014 to August 2015. The study population was investigated for routine blood tests, X-Ray chest PA view, ECG, CD4 count and 2D transthoracic echocardiography.

Results: The cases comprised of 43 females (41.75%) and 60 males (62.0%). Mean CD4 count was 205.48±150.06/µL and on X-ray chest PA view cardiomegaly was found in 40.78% of cases. The ECG findings were sinus tachycardia (19.42%), left axis deviation (5.82%), low voltage complexes (16.5%), right axis deviation (16.5%) intraventricular conduction delay (5.82%) and ST-T changes (8.7%) The echocardiographic findings were left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (60.24%), pericardial effusion (15.53%), dilated cardiomyopathy (23.03%), pulmonary artery hypertension (17.47%) and valvular lesions (33%).

Conclusions: Declining CD4 count was associated with increased cardiac manifestations but no statistically significant difference was found in both the (TLE and ZLN) subgroups.


HIV, Cardiac manifestations, CD4 count, HAART

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