Current applications of proteomics: a key and novel approach


  • Vipin Kumar Sharma Department of Biochemistry, Central University of Haryana, Jant Pali, Mahendergarh, Haryana, India
  • Ravi Kumar Department of Internal Medicine, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra, India



Biomarkers, Biomedical applications, Mass Spectrometry, Microarray chips, Parallel reaction monitoring, Protein quantification


Proteomics represented vital applications of technologies in the identification and quantification of high to moderate proteins (cellular signalling networks) found in biological matrix such as tissues, cells and fluids. Proteomics based technical knowledge is applied and verified in several preclinical research settings such as invention of diagnostic markers for specific disease and have shown to be increased in clinical applications. Extensive studies on proteomics resulted in detection of biomarkers that have been highly advanced in using diseases for cancer, lungs, cardiovascular, renal and neuro-regenerative and Parkinson's disease by introducing human origins for biocompatibility such as urine and serum. Advancement in the proteomic methods is conferring candidate right direction for clinical usage. In this review, recent developments and widely used proteomics approaches such as Mass Spectrometry (MS), Microarray chips are elaborately addressed and also focused merits and demerits of commonly used advanced approaches such as Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM), Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM) and Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) and other used proteomics and that roles, in order to aid clinicians, were also discussed in the light of biomedical applications.


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