Epidemiological and clinical study of sickle cell disease at tertiary care centre in Western India


  • Varsha P. Patel Department of Medicine, Medical College, Baroda, Gujarat, India
  • Archana U. Gandhi Department of Medicine, Medical College, Baroda, Gujarat, India
  • Chineen Shah Department of Medicine, Medical College, Baroda, Gujarat, India




Acute chest syndrome, Epidemiology, Hemoglobinopathies, Haemolytic anemia, Pain crises, Sickle cell disease


Background: Sickle cell disorders are structural hemoglobinopathies, rendering red blood cells sickle shaped, less deformable and sticky leading to microvascular vaso-occlusion and premature red blood cells destruction which leads to varied clinical manifestations. It leads to lifelong morbidity thus affecting quality of life and contributes to early mortality thereby reducing the key national resources- the healthy workforce. This study was done to evaluate epidemiological and clinical profile of sickle cell disease attending the centre.

Methods: This study was cross-sectional, observational study conducted at tertiary care hospital in Gujarat. After taking ethical clearance patients were enrolled as per inclusion and exclusion criteria and epidemiological and clinical profile of sickle cell disease patients was studied.

Results: Mean age of sickle cell disease was 22.58 years. It was found in tribal communities of Gujarat like Rathwa, Baria, Tadvi etc. Commonest symptom was musculoskeletal pain (86.84%), followed by jaundice (71.05%), fever, dyspnoea, abdominal pain and chest pain. Most common systemic manifestation was pain crises (60.66%), followed by hemolytic anemia (31.15%), acute chest syndrome (30%), consolidation (11.67%), hepatopathy (10%) and avascular necrosis of hip. (6.56%).

Conclusions: Sickle cell disease is seen in younger patients. In Gujarat mainly tribal communities are affected. Major systemic manifestations of sickle cell disease include pain crisis followed by hemolytic crisis, acute chest syndrome, hepatopathy and AVN of hip.    


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