Published: 2017-01-02

Case series of gestation and lactation associated osteoporosis and a review of the literature

Feyzi Gokosmanoglu, Ceyhun Varım, Hasan Ergenc, Cigdem Tura Bahadir, Elif Kilic Kan, Ramis Colak


Generalized osteoporosis associated with gestation and lactation is a rarely-seen case, which is seen during the final period of gestation or right after birth/delivery. The etiology and pathogenesis are not fully known. The fact that the pre-existing osteoporosis may be aggravated by gestation, that it may stem from genetic susceptibility, or that it may even be random are still under discussion. The most commonly-seen symptom is particularly the short stature due to lumbar pain during the lactation period as well as the vertebral compression fractures. In this study, we aimed to draw the attention to this rare case seen in the patients applying to the clinic with the complaint of post-natal lumbar pain, by starting from the two cases whose diagnoses and treatments were performed in our clinic.


Gestation, Lactation, Osteoporosis

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