Cardiovascular dysfunction in patients of cirrhosis of liver

Manish Chandey, Gurinder Mohan, Japnit Kaur, Aarti Vaid


Background: Cirrhosis of liver refers to a progressive condition that disrupts the normal architecture of the liver. It is increasingly recognized that cirrhosis per se can cause cardiac dysfunction. The aim was to assess cardiovascular dysfunction electrocardiographically and echocardiographically in patients with cirrhosis of liver and to find the correlation between cardiovascular dysfunction and severity of liver cirrhosis as per child-PUGH score.

Methods: Total 90 patients of cirrhosis of liver of both sexes were included in this cross-sectional study conducted from January 2018 to August 2019 in SGRDIMSR, Sri Amritsar. The severity of liver cirrhosis was assessed as per Child Pugh Score. QTc interval was calculated by Bazett’s formula. Systolic and Diastolic dysfunction was seen on 2D-echocardiography.

Results: QTc interval increased linearly with the severity of liver cirrhosis. Mean values of QTc in Child Pugh Class A=425.00(±20.97), Class B=437.35(±42.60), Class C=479.71(±29.48) with p value of 0.04 which is significant. Diastolic dysfunction was also related with the severity of liver cirrhosis. In Child Pugh Class A= 2(33%) patients had grade 1 diastolic dysfunction, Class B=23(59%) patients had grade 1 diastolic dysfunction while in Child Pugh Class C=3(7%) had grade 1 diastolic dysfunction, 33(73%) patients had grade 2 diastolic dysfunction and 1(2%) patients had grade 3 diastolic dysfunction with p value of 0.04 which is significant. Systolic function was found normal in all the patients.

Conclusions: Diastolic dysfunction and QTc interval prolongation are both related with the severity of liver cirrhosis and are major criteria of cirrhotic cardiomyopathy.


Cardiomyopathy, Child pugh score, Cirrhosis, Diastolic dysfunction, QTc interval

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