Isolated thrombocytopenia a rare presenting feature of enteric fever


  • Shiv Charan Department of Medicine, Glancy medical college, Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • Rakesh Chander Department of Medicine, Glancy medical college, Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • Inderpal Singh Department of Medicine, Glancy medical college, Amritsar, Punjab, India



Enteric fever, Thrombocytopenia, Leucopenia, Anemia


Leucopenia and anemia are generally seen as a presenting hematological feature in typhoid fever. However, our case presented with thrombocytopenia as a presenting sign on admission. A 50-year-old female with complaint of bleeding from gums four day prior to admission. There was no complaints of diarrhoea, rash on any part of the body. Isolated thrombocytopenia encountered on routine complete blood count examination. The diagnosis of typhoid fever was established when Salmonella typhi was isolated from the blood cultures. The platelet count returned to normal level within the first week of ceftriaxone therapy. We report this case of enteric fever with atypical presentation of fever, bleeding gums and thrombocytopenia.


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