Published: 2020-01-23

Response of bisphosphonate therapy in recurrent tumoral calcinosis

Manish Shrivastav, Nihit Kharkwal, Alankar Tiwari, Keshav Kumar Gupta


Tumoral calcinosis is a rare condition characterized by solitary or multiple, periarticular masses. Surgical excision of the tumoral calcinosis lesion is a well-documented treatment, but recurrences are not uncommon. A case of 42 year old male patient of tumoral calcinosis presented to us with history of repeated surgical excision twice in past 8 years for recurrent swellings. He was started on IV zoledronic acid and the patient has shown improvement after two years with no recurrence in follow up.


Calcinosis, Di(bis)phosphonate, Hyperphosphatemia, Parathyroid hormone

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