A study of clinical profile of renal involvement in diabetic patients in correlation with diabetes complication at tertiary care center, Gujarat, India


  • Virendra Kosamiya Private Practitioner, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Niyati Gosai Department of General Medicine, GMERS Medical College and Civil Hospital, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India




Chronic kidney disease, DM, HbA1c, Nephropathy


Background: The chronic complications of diabetes are broadly divided into microvascular and macrovascular, with the former having much higher prevalence than latter. Microvascular complications include neuropathy, nephropathy and retinopathy. Objectives of the study was to assess the clinical and biochemical profile of renal involvement in diabetic patient and complications due to diabetes mellites.

Methods: This was a hospital based prospective study done in which total of 250 cases attended and admitted at general medicine department, Government Medical College, Sir. T. Hospital, Bhavnagar. Study included Diabetic patient having age - >12 years, Both Gender and Patient who gives consent for study.

Results: Almost 54.8% having age between 41-60 years, Male: female ratio 0.87:1 and 44.0% were to ‘obese 2’ Body mass index (BMI) category. Around 22.4% participants have retinopathy, 30.0% have anemia, 62.4% have HTN and 26.8% have Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD). Almost 59.6% participants have S. creatinine level was 1.3 to 4 mg/dL and 43.6% have stage 5 of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).

Conclusions: Incidence of DM Nephropathy increase with age. With increasing numbers of years of diagnosed DM, the chances of DM Nephropathy are increased and as the duration of DM as well as duration of uncontrolled glycemia increases GFR decreases and DM Nephropathy progresses. HbA1c is a useful marker to account for the glycemic control over the past months, and hence the better indicator to the development as well as progression of DM Nephropathy.


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