Published: 2020-03-21

Clinical profile of falciparum, vivax and mixed infections of malaria, from a tertiary care hospital, Coastal Andhra, India

Usham Gangaram, Giri Raju Sarikonda, Bhimasen Soren, Venkatakrishnan .


Background: Malaria is a major health problem in many parts of India and some parts of Andhra Pradesh is one of the endemic areas for malaria. The objective was to study clinical profile and outcome of malaria in both species and mixed infection.

Methods: Present study was carried out on 100 patients admitted during the period of  November 2016 - October 2018 in Narayana medical college and hospital, Nellore. Malaria confirmed by Peripheral thick and thin smear or Antigen Assay underwent detailed clinical history and physical examination. This was followed by monitoring the outcome of the patients with respect to morbidity and mortality.

Results: Out Of the 100 patients 58 patients were from rural background, males were predominant, most common age group was 20-30 (34%) followed by 31-40 (31%). Out of 100 patients, 54 patients were  falciparum,44 patients had vivax  and two had mixed infection. All of the patients had fever followed by chills and rigors (75%), nausea and vomiting (59%), easy fatiguability (28%), pain abdomen (17), cough (14%) in both infections, altered sensorium was seen in only falciparum (20.3%). On clinical examination,70% of the patients had pallor, splenomegaly in 46%, icterus (23%), hepatomegaly (14%) and pedal edema in12 patients were observed. All 0f the patients were treated with appropriate antimalarial drugs for appropriate duration, and all were recovered without any mortality.

Conclusions:Malaria is very common disease in our country especially in South India, which is one of the endemic areas. Severe malaria usually caused by the falciparum more than vivax, early diagnosis and treatment decreases the mortality and morbidity.



Clinical profile, Coastal Andhra, Falciparum, Mixed, Vivax

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