Tumoral calcinosis, a diagnostic dilemma: a case report

Javed Altaf, Tajamul Rashid, Musharraf Husain, Mohammad Arif, Manzoor Ahmad


Tumoral calcinosis is a rare diagnosis characterized by deposition of calcium salts in peri-articular soft tissue regions. It is divided into primary and secondary varieties. The primary tumoral calcinosis is further divided into two types; primary hyperphosphatemic type and primary normophosphatemic type. The secondary variety occurs in association with chronic renal failure. Biochemical assessment and typical radiographic features help in diagnosis. Mainstay of treatment for primary variety is surgical. Secondary variety is mainly treated by medical measures. Surgical intervention is reserved for patients who do not respond to medical therapy.


Chronic renal failure, Hyperphosphatemia, Normophosphatemia, Tumoral calcinosis

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