A prospective evaluation of hepatic parameters in congestive heart failure patients


  • C. Sri Krishna Appaji Department of General Medicine, Konaseema Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Foundation, Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh
  • P. Ravinder Department of General Medicine, Konaseema Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Foundation, Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh




Heart failure, Hepatic parameters, Liver enzymes


Background: Heart failure is heterogeneous and complex clinical syndrome. Passive congestion of liver is associated with increase in direct and indirect serum bilirubin and elevated liver enzyme. Impaired perfusion due to decreased cardiac output is responsible for acute hepatocellular necrosis and serum aminotransferases will be elevated. Present study has been designed to study the prevalence of liver function abnormalities in heart failure patients, pattern of elevation of liver enzymes and correlation of liver function tests with etiology, duration and of heart failure.

Methods: All patients enrolled for this study was evaluated clinically and echocardiographically. Various demographic parameters like age sex duration of disease were recorded on predesigned Performa.

Results: Serum bilirubin was 3.76±1.62 mg/dl in class IV and least in class I that is 1.125±0.30 mg/dl. Serum AST was highest in class IV 154.64±24.96 IU and least in class I that is 36.21±12.65 IU (p=0.001). Serum ALT was highest in class IV 192.24±34.44 IU and least in class I that is 33.34±11.460 (p=0.001).

Conclusions: From present study we can conclude that heart failure was common in fifth and sixth decade of life and there was male predominance. Congested hepatomegaly was common presentation jaundice and ascites was also common. Change in biochemical parameters was increased with severity and duration of heart disease.

Author Biography

C. Sri Krishna Appaji, Department of General Medicine, Konaseema Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Foundation, Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh

prof and head of pharmacology


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