A study of mean platelet volume in acute ischemic stroke

Vivekanand Kamat, Satish Kinagi, Anilkumar Patil


Background: A stroke is defined by the abrupt onset of neurological deficit that is attributable to a focal vascular cause. Because of the growth in the number of ageing population, the burden of stroke is likely to increase automatically in the coming future. Mean platelet volume (MPV), a marker of platelet function is a physiological variable of hemostatic importance. Changes in MPV play a more important role in hemostasis than platelet count. Very few studies has looked at the association between mean platelet volume and ischemic stroke. So, the objectives were to study mean platelet volume in acute ischemic stroke, the role of mean platelet volume as an independent risk factor in acute ischemic stroke and to study the association between MPV and outcome in patients with acute ischemic stroke.

Methods: A cross sectional analytical study was conducted on 60 patients with ischemic stroke identified based on clinical features and MRI of Brain admitted in Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College, Kalaburgi. Mean platelet volume (MPV) on admission was documented and severity of stroke at the presentation and at discharge was assessed using Modified Rankins scale (MRS).

Results: Among 60 patients, 40% of the study patients were aged between 60-80 years and 60% of study population were male and 40% female. The co-morbid conditions present were hypertension in 50%, diabetes mellitus in 41% .The MPV was raised (>12.5fl) in 64 %of the patients. The clinical severity of stroke at presentation as determined by the Modified Rankin‘s scale (MRS) were moderate (20%), moderately severe (35%) and severe disability in 36.7% of cases. In our study MPV showed statistically significant correlation with Ischemic stroke severity. Clinical outcome as assessed by comparing MRS at admission and discharge with presentation MPV showed 25% moderately, 30% moderately severe and 23% were severely disabled. However, no statistical significance was seen.

Conclusions: We conclude that MPV is raised in acute ischemic stroke and is an independent predictor of the risk of stroke. Higher MPV are associated with more severe stroke and tend to have poorer outcome. Mean platelet volume an indicator of platelet reactivity is a simple and easy test available in panel of hemogram and can serve as a valuable predictor of severity and outcome in acute ischemic stroke patients.


Ischemic stroke, Mean platelet volume, Modified rankins scale, Stroke severity

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