Acute aortic thrombosis as a presenting feature of COVID-19: case report and review of literature


  • Chitralekha A. Nayak Department of Medicine, Healthway Hospitals, Goa
  • Oscar Rebello Department of Medicine, Healthway Hospitals, Goa
  • Noel Britto Department of Anaesthesia, Healthway Hospitals, Goa
  • Gaurav Sardesai Department of Radiodiagnosis, Healthway Hospitals, Goa
  • Ajeya Mundhekar Department of Cardiology, Healthway Hospitals, Goa



Aortic thrombosis, COVID-19, Paraplegia, D-dimer


Acute aortic thrombosis is an uncommon vascular emergency that can present with neurologic symptoms like acute paraplegia due to spinal cord ischemia. It frequently causes mortality unless appropriate diagnosis is followed immediately by proper management. Individuals with COVID-19 have coagulopathy with hyper inflammatory response which predisposes to both venous and arterial thrombotic events, especially in severe patients. We report a rare case of 63-year-old COVID-19 patient presenting as acute flaccid paraplegia with hematuria secondary to acute extensive aortic thrombus. CT scan showed bilateral COVID-19 pneumonia inspite of absence of respiratory symptoms. All patients with thrombotic events should be investigated for COVID-19 pneumonia as patients may not have typical respiratory symptoms.  

Author Biographies

Chitralekha A. Nayak, Department of Medicine, Healthway Hospitals, Goa

Consultant Physician,

Department of Medicine,

Healthway Hospital,

Goa, India

Oscar Rebello, Department of Medicine, Healthway Hospitals, Goa

Consultant Physician,

Department of Medicine,

Healthway Hospital,

Goa, India

Noel Britto, Department of Anaesthesia, Healthway Hospitals, Goa

Consultant Anaesthesiologist and intensivist,

Department of Anaesthesia,

Healthway Hospital,

Goa, India

Gaurav Sardesai, Department of Radiodiagnosis, Healthway Hospitals, Goa

Consultant Radiologist,

Department of Radiodiagnosis,

Healthway Hospital,

Goa, India

Ajeya Mundhekar, Department of Cardiology, Healthway Hospitals, Goa

Consultant Cardiologist,

Department of Cardiology,

Healthway Hospital,

Goa, India


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