Infrascapular granular cell tumor: an unusual entity

Sabina Khan, Sujata Jetley


Granular cell tumor (GCT) is an uncommon soft tissue tumor of schwannian origin frequent among women and blacks between the second and sixth decades of life. The common location of GCT is the oral cavity, but it can also occur at other sites. Cutaneous lesions constitute about 30% of cases and are characterized by a gradually developing nodular lesion. Due to their subtle clinical appearance and symptomatology, GCTs are often misdiagnosed. We report a case of subcutaneous GCT in the infrascapular region in a 40 year old female which mimicked granular cell dermatofibroma on histopathology. Although a rare entity, Granular cell tumor should be considered in the differential diagnosis of the subcutaneous soft tissue tumours and require histopathological examination along with immunohistochemistry to confirm the diagnosis and differentiate them from other benign and malignant tumors showing granular cell change.


Granular cell tumor, Histopathology, Subcutaneous

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