Study of clinical and etiological profile of new onset seizure in adults reporting to tertiary care centre, Mysore


  • Naveen Kumar Hosalli Department of Medicine, Mysore medical college and research institute, Mysore, Karnataka, India
  • Manasa Saligrama Vasudevan Department of Medicine, Mysore medical college and research institute, Mysore, Karnataka, India
  • Mahammad Iliyas Jalageri Department of Medicine, Mysore medical college and research institute, Mysore, Karnataka, India



Seizures, ILAE, Generalised seizures, Alcohol withdrawal



Background: Overall incidence of seizure is found to be 0.2-0.6 per 1000 population per year. A first seizure mandates individual counselling about the risk of recurrence, the pros and cons of drug treatment. Seizures are usually a manifestation of an underlying pathology which may be genetic, structural or metabolic. Objectives of current study were to study the clinical profile of new onset seizures in adults (greater than 19 years) attending to tertiary care Centre, Mysore and to determine the etiology of new onset seizures in adults reporting to tertiary care centre, Mysore.

Methods: All participants fulfilling the inclusion criteria were interviewed as per proforma. Participant’s demographic, social and medical details were recorded in proforma sheet and patients were subjected to neuroimaging studies, EEG and other necessary blood investigations. In all cases the seizure type is classified according to ILAE Classification 2017.

Results: Among 100 cases evaluated for new onset, Majority of the patients were 41 to 60 years. Generalised seizures (95%) were more common than focal seizures.

Among neurological etiological causes, vascular causes (34%) were most common. Most common Non-neurological cause for seizures was alcohol withdrawal (46.67%).

Conclusions: If proper analysis of etiology is made, seizures can be treated accordingly thus reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with it. Primary care physicians play a pivotal role in identifying patients with adult onset seizures and should encourage these patients to undergo neuroimaging so as to arrive at an appropriate etiological diagnosis.


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