Pancreatic tumor with lung tumor: a case report


  • Kenneth Dermawan Wangaya Hospital Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
  • Bernard Jonathan Christian Yong Wangaya Hospital Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
  • Made Suma Wirawan Department of Internal Medicine, Wangaya Hospital Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia



Pancreatic tumor, Lung tumor, Multiple primary tumor


According to the global cancer observatory (GLOBOCAN), there were 16,485 new cases of pancreatic cancer in Southeast Asia in 2020, with men (9458 cases) having the highest incidence compare to woman (8320 cases). The death rate from 16,485 cases was 16,167 cases (98%). A person's chance of developing pancreatic cancer in addition to other cancers is between 1% to 20%. In this study, we reported a case of pancreatic tumor with lung tumor. A 68 years old woman presented with right quadrant abdominal pain since 1 month ago. The pain occurs randomly, but mostly occur during night. The pain didn’t occur after eat fatty food and during exercise. The pain didn’t relieve by rest. The patient also experienced nausea and vomit. The vomit consist of food and blood. She complains black colored stools and dark yellow urine. She also lost weight from 62 kg to 47 kg. There was history of gastric bleeding in 4 month ago. She was passive smoker. We then did several tests such as complete blood count, blood chemistry, serology, chest x-ray and abdominal CT-scan. The test showed pancreatic tumor with suggestive primary lung tumor. Patient with multiple primary tumor are an extremely rare type of cancer, which need comprehensive approach to both diagnosis and treatment of these numerous primary tumors.


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