Effectiveness of platelet transfusion in dengue fever: Rangpur community medical college and hospital experience at Rangpur, Bangladesh


  • M. Ghulam Yusuf Department of Medicine, Rangpur Community Medical College and Hospital, Rangpur, Bangladesh
  • M. Ahashanur Rahman Department of Surgery, Rangpur Community Medical College and Hospital, Rangpur Bangladesh
  • Mriganko Bhattacharjee Department of Orthopaedics, Rangpur Community Medical College and Hospital, Bangladesh
  • Amaresh Chandra Shaha Department of Medicine, Rangpur Community Medical College and Hospital, Rangpur, Bangladesh




Effectiveness, Platelet transfusion, Dengue fever


Background: Dengue fever, caused by the dengue virus and transmitted by mosquitoes, is a global health concern, causing mild to severe illness. Severe cases lead to thrombocytopenia, a low platelet count that can cause bleeding. Platelet transfusion is debated as a treatment strategy; some studies support its use to prevent bleeding, while others raise concerns about side effects. The aim of the study is to see the effectiveness of platelet transfusion in dengue patients who has a very low platelet count.

Methods: This single-center study was conducted at The Department of Medicine, Rangpur Community Medical College and Hospital, Bangladesh. A total of 52 patients were enrolled and analyzed in this study from March to August 2023.

Results: Most cases are Dengue Fever (86.54%), followed by Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Grade 1 (7.69%) and Dengue Shock Syndrome (5.77%). Bleeding occurred in 15.38% of enrollment. Common symptoms include fever (78.85%), headache (57.69%), cough (67.31%), and myalgia (55.77%). Health parameters include blood pressure (110/70 mm Hg), pulse rate (86.5±12.8 bpm), and temperature (100.5±2.8°F). Investigation findings show S. bilirubin (0.61 mg/dl), S. creatinine (0.94 mg/dl), RBS (120.5 mg/dl), HB% (13.78 g/dl), and PCV (39.75). Platelet counts varied in different conditions, with most responders to platelet transfusion (94.23%) showing no deaths but adverse outcomes related to transfusion reactions (5.77%).

Conclusions: The prevalence of dengue fever in Bangladesh necessitates a comprehensive understanding of effective treatment modalities. By examining the outcomes and implications of platelet transfusion in this context, the research seeks to shed light on its effectiveness, thereby informing evidence-based medical practices and improving patient care.


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