Liver abscess in patient with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus: a case report


  • Luh Ayu Made Paramita Dwisari Putri Department of Internal Medicine, Wangaya General Hospital, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
  • A. A. Istri Sri Kumala Dewi Department of Internal Medicine, Wangaya General Hospital, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia



Liver abscess, Pyogenic liver abscess, Diabetes mellitus


Liver abscess is a form of infection in the liver, which is characterized by the presence of pus covered by fibrous tissue in the liver parenchyma. This condition is a rare, but potential life-threatening liver infection, especially if not treated properly. DM is one of the most predisposing factors for liver abscess, especially pyogenic liver abscess. Its prevalence reaches more than 25% of all cases of liver abscess. Pathophysiological mechanisms of DM that can cause liver abscess might include harmful effects of hyperglycemia, general diabetic angiopathy, and decreased immunity. We presented the case of an elderly male patient with multiple liver abscess who had a history of type 2 DM with poorly controlled. Through this case will shows multiple liver abscess patients with comorbid type 2 DM and hyperglycemic stage who received antibiotic treatment with good response of therapy.


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