Milker’s nodule: viral zoonosis among agricultural workers in a tertiary care hospital from rural Tamilnadu


  • Mohankumar Vethanayagam Associate Professor, Department of Skin & STD, IRT Perundurai Medical College, Perundurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • KC Subha Department of Physiology, Annapoorna Medical College, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Sendhil Sengodan Department of Surgery, IRT Perundurai Medical College, Perundurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Rajesh Rajagopalan Associate Professor, Department of Skin & STD, IRT Perundurai Medical College, Perundurai, Tamil Nadu, India


Milker’s nodule, Agricultural workers, Rural Tamilnadu


Milker’s nodule caused by pox virus is not so uncommon among animal handlers in rural Tamilnadu. It is an occupational hazard. Diagnosis by clinical acumen. No special laboratory test needed, managed symptomatically. It leaves behind no major sequelae.


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