Fetal isolated congenital heart block associated with maternal anti-SSA/SSB antibodies

Vidyashri Kamath, Mahesh Navada, Dhara ., Prema D’Cunha


Isolated Congenital Heart Block (CHB) affects 1:15000-20000 live births. 30-50% of fetuses with CHB will have a structural anomaly. Congenital heart block detected in utero is strongly associated with maternal antibodies to SSA (Ro) and SSB (La). Their pathogenic role in the development of CHB has been established in several studies. The mothers of affected infants frequently had autoimmune disease (systemic lupus erythematosus, Sjögren's syndrome) or were entirely asymptomatic.We report a case of fetal isolated congenital heart block in an asymptomatic mother with anti-SSA/SSB antibodies.


Fetal congenital heart, Block, fetal bradycardia, Autoimmune antibodies

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