Published: 2016-12-24

Evaluation of pulmonary functions in patients of type-2 diabetes mellitus

Maroti Karale, Bhanudas Karale, Chandrakant Usendi, Sadanand Kamble


Background: The review of literature revealed conflicting documentation regarding the effect of type-2 DM (diabetes mellitus) on pulmonary functions. Some authors have reported normal pulmonary functions and even concluded that spirometry testing is not at all necessary in diabetic patients. Some studies have shown abnormal pulmonary functions in patients of DM. Moreover, the duration of DM and glycemic control have varied impact on the pulmonary functions.  The present study was undertaken to resolve the conflict and also to explore the pulmonary functions in type-2 diabetics of this cross section of population.

Methods: The pulmonary function tests FVC, FEV1, FEV3, PEFR and MVV were performed in 50 type-2 diabetics and 50 controls by computerized medspiror using standard laboratory methods. The data was documented statistically analyzed. By giving suitable class intervals, intra-diabetic groups were made to assess the effect of extent duration of diabetics on pulmonary function test.

Results: Pulmonary functions FVC, FEV1, FEV3 PEFR and MVV were decreased in type-2 diabetes mellitus. Duration of type 2 DM was significantly associated with decrease in FVC, FEV1%, PEFR and MVV.

Conclusions: Longer duration of type 2 diabetes is significantly associated with reduction in pulmonary functions FVC, FEV1%, PEFR and MVV which underlines the respiratory system as one of the target organs of type-2 diabetes mellitus.


DM, FVC, MVV, Pulmonary functions, PEFR

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