Published: 2017-05-23

Laparoscopic versus open appendectomy retrospective study

Haitham S. Rbihat, Khaled M. Mestareehy, Mohammad S. Al lababdeh, Talal M. Jalabneh, Mohammad E. Aljboor, Ahmad A. Uraiqat


Background: Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is taken into account as a standard method of performing cholecystectomy and has substituted the old method throughout the world, while laparoscopic appendectomy still not attaining that reputation. In this paper, a retrospective study was done to compare between both laparoscopic and open appendectomy.

Methods: Two hundred eighty-five patients were analyzed after appendectomy using either open or laparoscopic procedures. The data was compared over a period of 36 months. Surgical technique was the same among 6 surgeons, standard postoperative care for all patient groups. The outcome measures included comparing of mean operative time, days of hospitalization, postoperative pain and rate of wound infection.

Results: Concerning open appendectomy the mean time was 28 minutes with 2 days of hospitalization. The postoperative pain extent was for 36 hours and rate of wound infection was 8/159. While in laparoscopic appendectomy the mean time was 55 minutes with one day hospitalization. The postoperative pain was for 12 hours and zero rate of wound infection.

Conclusions: In general laparoscopy has plenty of gains over open surgery as discussed before but laparoscopic appendectomy is not easier, nor does it avoid general anesthesia. The cost for laparoscopic appendectomy is higher than for open appendectomy. The operative and post-operative complications are more critical (e.g.: intra-abdominal abscesses & perforation of bowel) as compared to open appendectomy. We have to assess the advantages and disadvantages, indications and contraindications when taking a decision for laparoscopic surgery. We suppose it would be very early to say that laparoscopic appendectomy is superior or can replace open appendectomy.


Appendicitis, Appendectomy, Laparoscopy

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