Published: 2017-07-20

Vitamin B12 deficiency among vegetarian and non-vegetarian diabetic population receiving prolonged Metformin based oral hypoglycemic agents therapy

Vivek Kumar Verma, Ranjit Kumar Nim, P. S. Singh, Manoj Kumar, Geeta Singh, Anand Kumar Singh


Background: Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorder that share the phenotype of hyperglycemia. Over the period of time the metabolic dysregulation associated with diabetes mellitus causes secondary pathophysiological changes in multiple organs like heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidney and nerves resulting in various complications. However, a common potential interaction of metformin with vitamin B-12 is well documented but is poorly studied by the physicians who prescribe metformin to their diabetic patients. Since vitamin B-12 deficiency is common among vegan population as compared to population consuming food of animal origin (meat, fish and dairy products). But in this article, it has been studied that metformin cause vitamin B-12 deficiency even in non-vegetarian population. The aim of this study was to asses’ vitamin B12 deficiency among vegetarian and non-vegetarian diabetic population receiving prolonged Metformin based oral hypoglycaemic agents therapy. It was a cross sectional study done in Department of Medicine, UPUMS, Saifai, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Methods: Study done among patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus of age group 30-60 years on prolonged metformin based OHA therapy and having peripheral neuropathy were included in study. Data was analysed on SPSS Version 22.0 and p value obtained.

Results: Statistical analysis of 93 patients included in study showed that vitamin B12 deficiency is common among the vegetarian (56.52%) and non-vegetarian (35.71%) population but the difference is not statistically significant (p value=0.29) which is more in favour of metformin associated vitamin B12 deficiency in non-vegetarian population.

Conclusions: Vitamin B12 deficiency is common in diabetes patients on metformin based OHA therapy hence we recommend routine screening for Vitamin B12 deficiency in such diabetes patients.



Diabetes Mellitus, Metformin, Vitamin B12, Peripheral Neuropathy, Non-vegetarian, Vegetarian

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