Conceptual study of pathophysiology and pharmacological effect of Saptamrit Louha in approach to Soola

Deepak Ekka, Swati Dubey, S. D. Khichariya, D. S. Dhruw


Anndrvashoola and Parinamshoola briefly described by aacharya Vijayrakshitand Kanthdatta on Madhukosh in shoola Nidanam 26th chapter, mainly vata dosha is responsible for that disease. In Anndrvashoola continuous pain in abdomen, pain present before meal and relif in pain after vomiting in Parinamshoola, aadhman, aatop, arti, kamp and pain relief by consuming greaspy and worm food. In modern science, according to sign symptoms we correlated with peptic ulcer. Main cause is H. Pylori, NSAID, stress, smoking, steroid either duodenum or stomach ulcer in ratio of 4:1. The peak incidence of duodenal ulcer is 5th decade while for Gastric ulcer is 6th decade and “O” blood group persons are more prone to develop duodenal ulcer.  To treat this disease Vranropan and Shothhara chikitsa is very important for that this drug should have properties like Dahaprashmana, Amashayakshata sandhan, Pittashamak, Amlatanashak, shothhara due to those action Saptamrit Louha play effective role in Shoola. Considering above factor SAPTAMRIT LOUHA is chosen in management of shoola. Later on, I will have explained how Sapamrit louha works on Anndrvashoola and Parinamshoola at the time of presentation.


Anndrvashoola, H. Pylori, NSA ID, Parinamshoola, Peptic ulcer, Saptamrit Louha

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