Published: 2017-09-22

A prospective study of clinical, biochemical and radiological features in pancreatitis

Raj Kumar Bhimwal, Mohan Makwana, Rewat Ram Panwar, Kanwar Lal


Background: Pancreatitis is quite common problem, it may present either as abdominal emergency with fulminant course or as an indolent process leading to long-term medical as well as surgical complications often leading to poor prognosis if not intervened timely.

Methods: The present study conducted in the department of medicine, Dr. S. N. medical college, Jodhpur. Participants after understanding the study protocol and procedure, asked to give their written consent for the study. A cross sectional hospital based study in patients admitted in various medical wards of Dr. S. N. medical college, Jodhpur. 50 patients with acute and chronic pancreatitis were studied.

Results: In the present study, most common cause of acute pancreatitis is biliary disease (50%) followed by alcoholism (37.5%) and in chronic pancreatitis is alcoholism (80%). Acute pancreatitis was more common in males (62.5%, 25 males) whereas chronic pancreatitis in males (80%, 8 male). Abdominal pain is the most common symptom (97.5%) followed by nausea-vomiting (92.5%) in acute pancreatitis. The history of previous abdominal pain in 100% of cases followed by epigastria pain in 90% of cases, in chronic pancreatitis. The amylase and lipase were elevated in 90% of cases. The amylase and lipase levels did not correlate with the severity. 66.6% of patients had severe pancreatitis with a positive predictive value of 66.6%. The ultrasonography imaging of pancreas was helpful in 70% and 100% in acute and chronic pancreatitis respectively. The CT scan was a better imaging modality as compared to ultrasonography in acute pancreatitis, where as it scored over ultrasonography imaging in chronic pancreatitis with complications.

Conclusions: Relevant clinical history, ultrasonography and computed tomography scan of pancreas are helpful in diagnosis of pancreatitis. The computed tomography scan was a better imaging modality as compared to ultrasonography.


Computed tomography scan, Pancreatitis, Ultrasonography

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