Intussusception in adults

Ketan Vagholkar, Amish Pawanarkar Pawanarkar, Suvarna Vagholkar, Parthsarthi Chauhan, Purva Agrawal, Subashchandra Subudhi, Avinash Jawanjal


Intussusception in adult population is quite uncommon. It is usually seen in the pediatric age group. A wide range of causes can predispose to intussusception in adults. Majority of them are benign especially in cases of small bowel intussusception. However malignancy is quite often encountered in cases of colonic intussusception. Diagnosis in adults is difficult due to vague symptoms and intermittent nature. Computerized tomography is diagnostic. However majority of cases in adults are diagnosed at laparotomy. Surgical resection assuming the lesion to be malignant is the treatment of choice.


Intussusception, Adults, Diagnosis, Management

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