Published: 2017-11-22

Sagittal sinus thrombosis secondary to varicella infection-a case report

Gurinder Mohan, Harharpreet Kaur, Navjot Kaur


Varicella zoster virus (VZV) is known to produce a benign self-limiting exanthematous illness in the pediatric population. The neurological complications which are seen in less than 1% cases include cerebellitis and encephalitis. Stroke due to arterial vasculitis is well known but cerebral venous sinus thrombosis following varicella infection is rarely reported. We present a case of sagittal sinus thrombosis subsequent to varicella infection. The mechanisms underlying cerebral vascular events after VZV infection could be vasculitis, thrombosis due to direct endothelial damage and acquired protein S deficiency.


Sagittal sinus thrombosis, Varicella infection

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