Published: 2018-01-18

Correlation of serum-ascites albumin concentration gradient and endoscopic parameters of portal hypertension in chronic liver disease

Suresh I, Shiva Prasad Jagini


Background: In many studies Serum ascitic albumin gradient (SAAG) was found to be an independent predictor of PHTN and EV especially in alcoholic cirrhosis. Objectives of this study was to study correlation of level of “Serum-Ascites Albumin Concentration Gradient” (SAAG) and complications of “Portal hypertension” (PHTN), manifested by “Esophageal Varices” (EV).

Methods: Present study was hospital based cross sectional study. The sample (100) was of patients with ascites. SAAG was measured in all subjects. EV was assessed by endoscopy in all. Data was analyzed using proportions and appropriate statistical tests.

Results: High SAAG value was seen in 79% of the patients. EV incidence was 84.5%. “child-pugh score” and size of the portal vein was found to be associated with EV. The incidence of EV among patients with high “SAAG value of 1.1 to 1.44 g/dl” was 50%. The size of the EV was found to be significantly associated with SAAG level.

Conclusions: Patients having ascites with EV were also having high levels of SAAG. Thus, we conclude that value of SAAG more than or equal to 1.2±0.05 g/dl can be used as a predictor of EV presence among ascites patients.


Ascites, Cirrhosis of liver, SAAG

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