The double burden of tuberculosis and diabetes prevalance of diabetes melitus in tuberculosis

Rajesh Kumar Khare, Vivek Katiyar


Background: The burden of diabetes mellitus is increasing worldwide. The prevalence of TB has been rising in recent years globally. Aging, changes in life style, socioeconomic factors, and population growth have lead to an increased prevalence of DM, particularly, type 2 DM. Diabetes Mellitus (DM) almost triples the risk of developing tuberculosis (TB). India, the nation with the highest number of TB cases in the world, is also undergoing epidemic growth in DM rates. With the demographic transition underway globally, increase in life expectancy, improvements in provision of health services and a subsequent increase in the elderly population, the absolute numbers of cases of diabetes will increase exponentially. As a result, DM and TB are increasingly present together, and this calls for renewed interest in this topic. Various studies done in different parts of India and in other parts of globe where TB is endemic have shown a higher prevalence of DM among PT infected with tuberculosis. We in our study undertaken in Department of medicine in IIMS&R Lucknow UP found a high prevalence of DM amongst TB patients. Routine screening of TB patients for DM will help detect cases of diabetes and pre-diabetes early, so that primary prevention methods may be initiated early and effectively.

Methods: This hospital-based cross-sectional study was undertaken in Department of medicine in IIMS and R Lucknow UP. All TB cases more than 18 years of age, including new and re-treatment cases, sputum positive, sputum negative and extra-pulmonary cases currently on treatment in the were included in the study.

Results: Using the diagnostic criteria, as mentioned in the methodology, the prevalence of diabetes among TB patients in this study was found to be 24.5% of which 18.5% were known DM cases and 5.9% were newly diagnosed.

Conclusions: The burden of diabetes mellitus is increasing worldwide. The association between diabetes and tuberculosis is the next challenge for global tuberculosis control. Improved understanding of the bidirectional relationship of the two diseases is necessary for proper planning and collaboration to reduce the dual burden of diabetes and TB. In people with TB, it may be appropriate to actively screen for DM. Prevention, screening, and treatment of both diseases together is more effective.



Diabetes, Prevalence, Risk factors, Tuberculosis

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