A cross-sectional observational study of lipid profile of cirrhosis of liver patients in a teaching hospital in North Odisha, India


  • Bibhu P. Behera Department of Internal Medicine, Saheed Laxman Naik Medical College and Hospital, Koraput, Odisha, India




Cholesterol, Cirrhosis, High-density lipoproteins, Low density lipoproteins, Lipid profile, Triglyceride


Background: Lipids are essential component of biological membranes: also a part of free molecules and metabolic regulators which control cellular function and homeostasis in the body. Liver plays a central role in lipid metabolism. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk stratification includes serum lipid profile. In the general population; global prevalence of cirrhosis from autopsy studies ranges from 4.5% to 9.5%. Deaths from cirrhosis have been estimated to increase and would make it as the 12th leading cause of death in 2020. Although several studies have been conducted on dyslipidemia in cirrhotics in developed countries, there is a paucity of data in this regard in India.

Methods: This observational study was carried out amongst 60 cirrhosis patients that fulfils the inclusion and exclusion criteria and attended the medicine OPD and admitted in medicine ward of Pandit Raghunath Murmu Medical College and Hospital, Baripada, Dist. Mayurbhanj, Odisha, India from June 2018 to Jan 2019.

Results: In our study we had 52 were male and 8 were female. The average age of the patients in the study was 49.62±13.59 yrs. 91.67 % of the patients were alcoholic. Abdominal distension (93.33%) and ascites (81.67%) were most common presenting complaints. Pallor was present in 65.00% cases. Splenomegaly was present in 29 (48.33%) patients of cirrhosis of liver. Renal dysfunction was present in 22 (36.67%) cases. We found decreased HDLC (<40 mg/ Dl) in 34 (56.67%) cases. Hypolipidemia, in particular decreased HDLC level is also an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease and vascular events.

Conclusions: From this study we can conclude that lipid abnormalities are commonly seen in patients with liver cirrhosis and screening for the same is important for intervention with appropriate therapy to prevent cardiovascular events. Further studies on lipid abnormalities in these patients and the need for treatment are recommended.


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