Published: 2020-04-23

Thrombolytic therapy in prosthetic valve thrombosis in the second trimester of pregnancy

Santhosh Jadhav, H. S. Natraj Setty, Shankar S., Phani Teja Mundru, Yeriswamy M. C., Babu Reddy, Jayashree Kharge, Sathwik Raj, Arunkumar Ullegaddi, Rahul Patil, T. R. Raghu, C. N. Manjunath


Pregnancy with mechanical valves requires anticoagulation, the risk of bleeding and embryopathy associated with oral anticoagulation must be weighed against the risk of valve thrombosis. In the presence of a mechanical valve thrombosis, an appropriate treatment modality must be selected. Prosthetic valve thrombosis during pregnancy requires immediate therapy such as valve replacement, thrombolytic therapy, or surgical thrombectomy. A course of thrombolytic therapy may be considered as a first-line therapy for prosthetic heart valve thrombosis. We describe a primigravida (second trimester) with mitral valve replacement status presenting with acute prosthetic valve thrombosis and treated successfully with intravenous streptokinase.


Pregnancy, Prosthetic valve, Thrombolysis, Thrombosis

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