COVID-19 in a bone marrow transplant patient


  • Ayman A. Alharbi Department of Medicine, Qassim university College of Medicine, Qassim, Buraydah, KSA



Coronavirus, Mechanical ventilation, COVID-19


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has become a new pandemic with over 190000 cases and 7800 death reported world-wide as of 18 March 2020. Due to its high infectivity and pathogenicity, most people are vulnerable to this virus, especially those with comorbidities. According to a previous study, patients with pre-existing conditions are more likely to require mechanical ventilation, which may lead to a higher risk of death. Post-transplant patients are usually under immunosuppressive therapy; this immune deficiency status may result in opportunistic infections. For now the experience in the management of COVID-19 in the post-transplant population is limited. Here we report COVID-19 case who just underwent transplantation and did not show any disease activity, despite of his suppressed immune status.


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